The Ultimate Problem Cases Drops

The Ultimate Problem Cases Drops is a Homeopathic formula designed to effectively treat all eight weight-loss barriers listed below. These seemingly innocent ailments combined, will prevent one from achieving their goal weight. Until now, each of these conditions had to be addressed individually with ineffective, costly medications and mostly with side effects.


One of the main reasons of obesity is a slow metabolism.   To detox is very important when dieting.  Toxins counteract the body’s ability to burn stored fat, as opposed to unhealthy, fatty foods.  Dandelion is a strong detoxifying agent, which assists with constipation – another evil of obesity. Should one reach a plateau and cannot seem to lose another ounce, it usually means you suffer from some of the above conditions. As one gets older, shaking off those excess kilograms becomes more difficult. This is mainly due to fluctuating hormones or some form of hormonal imbalance. Although Doctor Diet Assistant does not claim to be “the be-all and end-all” of hormonal stabilizers, we guarantee it to be a step in the right direction.

Use The Ultimate Problem Cases Drops in conjunction with Doctor Diet Anti-Appetite should you battle to shed those extra kilograms or have one or more of the above problems for maximum results. 


Take 15 drops under the tongue OR with water 20 minutes before meals (3 times daily).


“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver…” - Mahatma Gandhi

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