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Carol Honeywill

"I have been struggling with my weight for some time and since our move to a Port Elizabeth the weight has just seemed to pile on. I got to a place of hopelessness, due to lack of motivation.  I had started trying to take up running  with my husband but due to my excess weight my knees were taking strain.  Just around this time I was invited to a presentation from Youtopia on The Diet Clinic.  For the first time in a while I actually felt that this was something I could do with the help of the staff at Youtopia.  I joined The Diet Clinic at Youtopia on the 15th of February 2012.  I was made to feel so comfortable and super excited about the new endeavour I was about to start on.  They took my starting measurements and weight and gave me all the resources and information I needed to start my journey.  I found that I never felt hungry as I could eat whenever I felt hungry (as long as it was on the allowed list)  I really have enjoyed the food and have found many ways of doing different things with the food and have had great support and ideas from our consultants.  I was on the diet for 8 weeks, I lost (6kgs) and (120cm). Then I took a three week break and kept the weight off.  I have been back on for another week and have already lost another (800g). I am feeling so great and well and my knees are much better. I am now running about three times a week with no pain, and the extra bonus is I now fit in my clothes again. "


"I am in my 50s, done many diets before and always battled to lose the weight and keep it off. I have lost 6kg in 5 weeks. Took a break for 4 weeks and kept it off and now starting again to lose the last few kgs.  I am  Down one dress size and going strong.  I feel amazing.

Love Bev Jacobsen PE"


"I started the diet clinic towards the beginning of April, and was a little apprehensive as I love my carbs way too much. But I knew I needed to loose weight and my goal was to loose 10kg`s. The first 2 weeks were quiet hard for me as I soon realised how addicted I was to sugar and carbohydrates. But once i started seeing results (and big results fast I might add) It became easier for me and I was all the more motivated to stick to the diet. I have lost 7.5 kg`s in 7 weeks, unfortunately I didn`t measure myself before I started, but I have dropped a pants size and 2 sizes on, The diet clinic really does work and it teaches you to change the way you look at food and to think before you just put the first thing you see into your mouth.


Tammy Knoetze PE

Olifants Apteek  - Middelburg

"HI I`m Theo Uys  36jr  1.86m.   I started my diet on 13 Des 2011 weighing 123,5kg and finished on 17 Feb 2012 on 110,4kg.  I have lost weight all over my body – 9cm on my chest and 15cm on my waist."

Celést Spruyt

“We have been on glyconutrients for about 5 months now and there is definitely a difference in all of us. I don’t feel lethargic and tired all the time and feel mentally more alert. My 5 year old son’s concentration has improved drastically and he seems calmer. The immune system boost glyconutrients have given our family is amazing! Looking at last winter we were at the Doctors rooms every couple of weeks with head colds, sinus and flu – This year so far not one of us has been near the Doctors rooms!” 

Anonymous concerned mother from KZN

"My son was diagnosed with ADHD by a clinical psychologist at the age of 6. We had been told in kindergarten already that he had to go to occupational therapy as he could not cross his midline etc. He did occupational therapy up until the age of 5. When he entered primary school we found that the school was not happy about his hyper activity and after visiting a lot of different doctors it was then decided to put him on Ritalin. He has been on Ritalin for 1 year and only by chance did I hear about Glyconutrients Cell to Cell. It was just before a school holiday and we decided to take my son off Ritalin and put him on Glyconutrients Cell to Cell. We have taken a personal decision not to tell the doctor or the school as we feel they then look for signs to blame the “active child”.

My son has been complimented on his behavior and it is so nice to have our little boy back. He has a personality again and he is not cross all the time. He only takes 2 capsules in the morning. I also feel if you keep a child active on the sport field they can run out their frustration and excess energy. I will not put my child back on Ritalin as it is a schedule 6 drug and although it does help the child concentrate I find that if they are not on it they cannot perform or do anything. I don’t have a zombified angry child anymore.

My boy is very happy and some of his marks have improved drastically. His writing is very bad but that is not beginning and end of all as the cleverest people in the world and doctor’s writing is not the best!

I do not regret my decision and hope that he will go from strength to strength and have a good school career without drugs helping him

Martie de Pinna

“I have to tell you what happened when I went to the doctor for my hormone replacement script.  The receptionist wanted to know why do they not see me anymore?  Well the answer was simple – I don’t get Migraines any more..thanks to Glyconutrients.   It has been two years now since I started taking Glyconutrients Specifically for the migraine attracts  which happened on a  regular basis.  I started off with 6 caps a day, this was in the beginning during one of my attached stages and the pain went.  I now maintain with two caps per day.  I feel on top of the world and never had another attach since.  Thanks for introducing me to such a great product.” 

Petrus Strydom

“I met friends while camping in Utrecht who had a dog with scabby for more than a year. No vet could help the dog. I supplied them with Glyconutrients and the owners gave the dog 2 capsules a day. After two weeks the dog’s skin improved remarkably and hair started to grow back.” 

Karina Archer

“I have had RLS for a few years and tried every medication available or what my doctor could describe. I was quite desperate and stopped using all medication and tried Glyconutrients: Complimentary medicine for Restless Legs. After the third day I could already feel that this was going to work. My legs stopped their restlessness totally. After about 8 months, together with a lot of stress my legs started acting up again.  Again, I bought conventional medicine which did not help at all. I stopped it again and started Glyconutrients again. I have not had RLS since”. 

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver…” - Mahatma Gandhi

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My kind het saterdag middag met pille begin. Van oggend vir di eerste keer in jare. Opgestaan met n suiker telling van 5.2. Nie in di 30 ni. Awesome. Lekke dag

Kiosk carwash.

Lea Heunis

When the Durocrave arrived at the spa I bought a bottle to test the product, as I like to give personal feedback to our clients. My measurements were taken according to the Diet Clinic measurement chart at the beginning of August. I didn’t go on a diet plan; however I decided to cut bread and muesli out of my daily diet. I didn’t follow an exercise routine either (and in all honesty didn’t exercise at all). During the 4 weeks of taking Durocrave I noticed how my body shape changed. At the end of the 4 week period my measurements were taken again and I had lost a total of 7.5cm and just over 1kg. I now have my hourglass figure back!

Since then I have been recommending Durocrave to clients, friends and family.

My father is getting married at the end of November and he also started using Durocrave a while ago; he is now on his 2nd bottle and we can see a definite change in his body shape. Within 3 weeks of using Durocrave he was able to tighten his belt with an extra notch. He is 50years old.

It is definitely a product that I will recommend to clients!

042-294 1179

Ds Jaco Coetzee

Ek is reeds die afgelope 6 jaar ’n diabeet. Gedurende hierdie tyd het my diabetes versleg en moes ek eers my medikasie opstoot en later op insulien gaan. Die laaste twee jaar moes ek al hoe meer insulien gebruik. My dokter het my op Lantus insulien gesit ek moes later 35 eenhede spuit maar my gemiddelde suiker was steeds oor 11.  My dokter het my toe ook op Apidra insulien gesit waarvan ek drie maal ’n dag 10 eenhede moes spuit. Met die twee soorte insulien en volle sterkte medikasie kon ek daarin slaag om my suiker net onder 8 te kry.
Ek het gesukkel om gewig te verloor en het op die Diet en Health Clinic se Ultimate Weight loss solution kapsules gegaan. Ek het opgelet dat my suiker besig was om af te kom.  Binne ’n week kon ek die Apidra insulien los. Ek kon ook daarin slaag om die Lantus insulien te verminder. Ek het besluit om die Glyconutrients ook te probeer om te sien watter effek dit op my bloedsuiker vlakke het.  Op die Glyconutrients kon ek binne ’n maand ophou om die Lantus insulien te gebruik. Sonder die gebruik van insulien kon ek daarin slaag om my suiker op normale vlakke tussen 4 en 6 te hou. Ek was op 27 November 2014 weer by my doktor ek het hom van die Glyconutrients vertel en hom my bloedsuiker lesings gewys. Hy was verbaas oor die verbetering in my diabetes.
My bloedsuiker vlakke is steeds besig om te verbeter en ek kon my medikasies ook al verminder het.
Telefoon 083 355 5496.