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Petrus Strydom is the founder and owner of The Diet and Health Clinic. He is in the diet business for the past sixteen years. A leading Manufacturer - MJ Labs, manufactures all our products in South Africa. All our products are registered with the M.C.C. Our passion is to assist people with health and weight loss. We strive to offer the best, most affordable products to the public. Our products are of the highest quality. We have assisted thousands of people in losing weight. Obesity is the largest epidemic worldwide. The Diet and Health Clinic has registered clinics countrywide and more than 300 000 people have lost weight on our concept.

The Diet Clinic offer “The Ultimate Solution in Weight Loss”. It is countrywide available at leading Pharmacies and dynamic Health & Beauty Salons and Spa’s. Their staff has been professionally trained to evaluate and ensure that everyone who is serious about losing weight understands the fat reducing program and knows how to maintain their weight once they have achieved their goal weight. This fat reducing programme has been proven successful. It is most effective and easy to follow.

Additional diet products we stock is The Ultimate Slimming Capsules and The Ultimate Problem Case drops. We started our health range in 2009 with excellent results. These products assist the body with two of its main aspects on vascular and cellular levels. Mineral vitamins primarily assist the body to manage weight loss and maintain a healthy diet. Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of any healthy body. Minerals boost the immune system, support normal growth and development and help cells and organs to function.

Cayenne Pepper is high in Vitamins A, C, B complex, calcium and potassium. Cayenne Pepper has the most amazing healing properties in addressing the vascular system. Glyconutrients is a micronutrient. It provides cell-to-cell communication and assists the body to prevent/improve auto-immune. Our Skin Stem Cell Enhancer is designed to give your body all eight essential Monosaccharides it needs to properly protect, defend and restore skin cells. This means that your body can produce one trillion new stem cells in ONE week! Prevents brittle nails, hair loss, and dry lips. Main Ingredient: ARABINOGALACTAN

We have launched South-Africa’s first 0% Carbohydrate Meal Replacement Shake.

Should you wish to join our successful organization you are welcome to contact us at salomie.claassen@gmail.com or call the office at 072 149 8233

or PETRUS STRYDOM AT: 082 828 4253

All our products are natural and safe to use!

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver…” - Mahatma Gandhi

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